It’s a tale as old as time. An iconic Disney film that doesn’t need a remake. Historically, Disney remakes have seemed to flop (The Jungle Book, Cinderella) but Beauty and the Beast is an enchanting story with a grade A cast. The live-action classic film proves to still be a tale as told as time. B1

Beauty and the Beast bursted into theaters this past weekend with what is sure to be recording breaking numbers. It was highly anticipated and that often leads to a let down. However, Bill Condon (known best for his work on Dreamgirls) does a fantastic job of bringing the famous story to new light. Every frame seemed to be full of romance and magic. Of course, the cast helped bring the story to new levels.

Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson (Harry Potter), with no surprise, is perfectly fit for the role of Belle. Her sweet smile and urge to explore defines Belle perfectly. Though her singing voice may not be the best, it was obvious that at moments her voice was autotuned. A small price to pay for such a n otherwise perfect casting job. Also in on the mix was Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston. Though we don’t see much of Stevens as anything other than a beast, the script helped the audience see his emotions and the selflessness growing in him as he gets to know Belle. Evans often seen to not be “big enough” for the role of Gaston, seemed to fit the role of a mean and needy man perfectly. A mention of Lefou (Josh Gad) cannot go unmentioned. Yes, his character is gay. Yes, overreactions for this were unnecessary. If there wasn’t such a big fuss about it before the film was released, I can guarantee most viewers would not have even put two and two together.B4

Though the script stood true to the 1991 classic, there were a few additions. Some songs may have been left out but there were two new songs added that are already on my personal playlist. Also, a lot of holes are filled up that were left seemingly empty originally. I won’t go too deep into spoilers, but we learn of Belle’s Mom, get a better understanding of why the Beast is the way he is, and their growing love of books makes the two supposed opposites seem more practical as a couple in love.

In the end, it is a love story teaching us not to judge each other by appearance, and this film stuck to that. I would highly recommend the film and all of its magic! With a rating of 9.5 out of 10, this film will be one of the best this year!