King Kong has been around since the 1930’s and there was no denying he would be making a return. The question was the storyline. How would he be making his return and would it be worth watching? Expectations were high for the film and though technology has helped Kong seem bigger and more realistic than ever before, the film may have fallen flat of getting the story just right.K1

Kong: Skull Island takes place in the Vietnam War era when a secret government group takes a trip to a South Pacific Island with the myth of mysterious creatures and stories. As the big group is split apart by a huge storm, a series of mind-blowing CGI-showdowns quickly begins.

Though the cast seemed to have great potential (I mean, Hiddleston, Larson, Goodman, Jackson and Rielly – come on!) they seemed to flop when Kong and other creatures hit the screen. Science Fiction and monster movies are not my forte, but all I could compare this film to was the recent remake of Godzilla…it was not great. My wish was more from Tom Hiddleston as he had the promise of a good strong lead, but he and sidekick Brie Larson seemed to have fallen way short of Kong himself. Not to mention Samuel L. Jackson is in the film and usually has no trouble defining his role, but even he was overshine by CGI and became nearly unmemorable. K3

Towards the middle of the film, the story became a bit cheesy and Rielly chiming in with some comic relief wasn’t really helping that. Overall, I would give Jordan Vogt-Roberts and the cast a 7 out of 10 rating. The film may be worth seeing for the CGI and action/fighting scenes, but it isn’t anything that stands out in theaters right now.