Wolverine is one of the most bad-ass characters, possibly of all time. However, isn’t he getting old by now? The answer is yes, but that doesn’t stop him from being less violent and hot-tempered. This is Hugh Jackman’s 10th and final film in the role of Wolverine, and to put it simply, he went out with a big bang!


In the beginning it hard to see where the film is going as Jackman is limping, appears to be an alcoholic, and needs reading glasses. When needed, his claws are slow to draw and his healing powers take longer than we’re used to seeing. Also, he has the task of watching over Professor X while he undergoes seizures that affect everyone around him. Logan appears to be staying out of sight and as far away from civilization as possible. So how is this going to be an entertaining action film? That is the question I asked myself until it happened. Wolverine may be aging, but he still has it!


With some intense action scenes we meet a new character, eleven year old Laura. She appears to be a mute but has some skills of her own, similar to that of Wolverine. She is a young mutant on the hunt for a safe haven and convinces Logan and Charles to take her on this cross-country trip. They are being followed by Dr. Zander Rice who is on the hunt to find all the young mutants. What is to be expected during this road trip? Let’s just say this movie is rated R for a reason. Violence. These fights scenes are intense! With that being said, that’s how it should be.

James Mangold creates another fantastic film that leaves us in awe and emotional. I would give the film 9 out of 10 stars – it’s a must see!