This Best Picture nominee tells the story of a divorced father and his ex-con brother who resort to bank robberies to save their family ranch and provide their family with a life they didn’t have.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster play bad brothers who are desperate. Toby Howard (Pine) is new to the crime world and hesitant nearly every step of the way while brother Tanner (Foster) runs the show teaching his brother the ins and outs of a life on the run. Meanwhile, nearly retired sheriff Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) is determined to find these bandits before his last day of work.h1

The acting in this film is phenomenal. I have to admit the story and themes are not what I would label as my cup of tea. It’s somewhat a Western film but with a modern twist. However, the script and acting did stand out to me. Chris Pine blew me away! His performance was intense in a way unlike any other that we have seen him. Jeff Bridges is known for being amazing, this was no different. His voice and actions just fit the role perfectly.h3

I think if Hollywood does not get too caught up in their own world by picking La La Land for Best Picture, Director David Mackenzie and the cast of Hell or High Water have a good chance at going home Oscar winners!