Alternate forms of wedding cakes are becoming more popular in modern weddings. Whether it be nontraditional looking cakes, cupcakes, macarons, or donuts, they are all delicious! For me, I am a donut connoisseur…or I just really love donuts. Therefore, my fiance (who is not a big fan of cake) and I decided on donuts for our wedding dessert. Let’s explore all of our modern wedding dessert options though!

Cupcakes are becoming the most popular non-traditional form of wedding dessert. Most popularly they are displayed like a wedding cake. However, the best part? No fork and different flavors!


Non-Traditional Cake Decor
Another popular cake decor option that I love is a drip cake. It is not smooth or floral like a typical wedding cake. This decor brings a little bit of modernness to a traditional icon. In addition to the drip, the marble icing look is very unique and I am a little bit obsessed with it!

Cordy’s Cakes


Another delicious treat that is an alternative to a wedding cake is an incredible macaron.There are so many different flavors and colors that can be used to had a little spunk to your wedding. Not to mention, the taste is unbelievable!


My personal favorite, donuts. I can never eat enough donuts, which really isn’t recommended while wedding dress shopping. Because of this love, my fiance and I chose donuts instead of a wedding cake. Who doesn’t love a donut, am I right? It’s fun for kids and adults. Not to mention the fun displays that are available!