When it comes to selecting a photographer for your wedding there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. For me personally, pictures are important. I love photography and would shoot my own wedding if I could. However, since that is not an option, finding a photographer that fits your style and whose personality does not clash with yours is key.When beginning your photography search I recommend The Knot website, or even just Facebook searching wedding photography pages. Here a few steps to consider to help make your selection.


  1. Narrow your search.
    Be sure to use filters when searching on wedding websites. Consider the price you are willing to spend and the location of the photographer.
  2. Style
    Many photographers have a select style they portray in their images. Decide which style you like best. If you have no idea, look through some photography portfolios who display their style well to grasp which is your favorite and which fits into your day’s theme best.
  3. Ideas
    When looking through photos, try to get some ideas of not only what styles you like but what type of images you want. Do you want more candid pictures with a few posed ones or the other way around? Catch a glimpse of what the photographer feels more comfortable shooting in their portfolios.
  4. Contact the Photographer
    If you like what you have seen of the photographer online, send them an email or give them a quick call to ask about packages and their availability.
  5. Narrowing Your Options
    Once you have found a few photographers you like online, set up to meet with them in person. This will give you a better feel for who they are as a person and a photographer. During the meeting, here are some questions to consider if you do not already have the answers from your previous communication:

    1. What style(s) do you specialize in?
    2. Will the photos be retouched? Is that done before or after I see the photos?
    3. How many weddings do you shoot a year? When is your favorite time of year to shoot? What is your favorite part of the wedding to shoot?
    4. What is the deposit amount? Or, is there just one total fee that is due?
    5. Will you be the photographer? Do you have an assistant or a second photographer?
    6. Is there a backup photographer if you are ill?
    7. How long after the wedding will we be able to see the photos?
    8. Do you follow a specific ‘shot list’ or do you feel the flow of the wedding?
    9. Are prints provided or are the images just digital?
    10. What are the restrictions for sharing photos online?

Happy Wedding Photography Shopping!

Image courtesy of diy photography.