Let’s be honest, most brides have an idea of the time of year they want to get married. A popular spring wedding; a hot summer wedding; a themed fall wedding; a romantic winter wedding. No matter what time of year you choose, be sure it is right for you and your fiance.

Some couples have a venue in mind and that decides the date for them based off of limited availability. There is no problem with that! If you love a location that much, that hits higher priority for you than a date with it’s own meaning – no  shame in that!

Many couples like to choose a date that is meaningful for them. A popular one is an anniversary date you already have. Why not make it easy and keep that date for the rest of your life? This is also fun because you can include something in your ceremony to let your guests know this has been a significant date throughout your relationship (the oo’s and ahh’s will come out of the crowd)!

Some couples want to avoid the what is expected and get married in the off-season. This will help if you have a budget! Some vendors will decrease their fees by almost half because you chose a month that is not very popular. If the timing doesn’t make a difference for you, this may be a good choice! June- September are the most popular wedding months. Also, many venues offer discounts for Friday or Sunday dates since Saturday is typically the most desired. If you are having a small wedding, or with few out of town guests, a Friday or Sunday may be perfect for you!

3Flowers and Visuals
Many couples have a vision for their wedding, flowers take part in a lot of that. This may help determine the time of year for your wedding. Do you picture an outdoor wedding with the sun shining and bright colors for your visuals? Maybe don’t pick a wedding in the fall or winter then. Or, do you imagine reds and browns? Maybe head more towards fall! Easy thoughts like these will help picking a date so much easier.


Length of Engagement
One of the most crucial decisions for picking a date is probably how long the couple wants to be engaged. If you want a longer engagement this can be beneficial for saving money and planning the wedding. Or, if you or your fiance have a career that gives you a tight schedule, sometimes a shorter engagement is better than one that is too long. Discuss this with your fiance and decided how long you need or want to be engaged. This may help you choose a month for your wedding!


My Wedding
My fiance and I originally knew we wanted to be engaged about a year and wanted a end of summer or beginning of fall wedding. Lucky for us, the venue we fell in love with had one date left in September, and it is ours! September 23, 2017 is a date for the books (our books at least)!