The Struggle Of Not Being Fat

23 Oct

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, there is a struggle with not being fat; dare I say it, skinny. Thin girls don’t get a lot of sympathy in today’s society. However, believe it or not there are some of girls out there who are skinny and don’t like it. Not saying that the dream is to be overweight, but the dream is also not to be underweight.

In today’s world women who are overweight are criticized for the way they look. Models and celebrities constantly tell us “how they lost 50 pounds” and “healthy treats to help you slim down” on the cover of magazines, on television interviews, and even in movies. There are dozens of workout routines to lose X amount of weight in X amount of days on sites like Pinterest, and even blogs dedicated solely to it. I am here to put an end to it. I am not here to say the overused sentence “you are perfect just the way you are” because let’s face it, there is no perfect. I am simply here to inform you, the people of the internet, that not every girl who is skinny is starving herself. Not every girl who is thin wants to be that way. Just as not every girl who is overweight stuffs her face, or every girl that is a little bit bigger chose to be that way. We have these things called genes. They shape who we are and how our body looks.

Naturally thin girls are tired of hearing what you have to say. Do you walk up to an overweight girl and say “oh my gosh you’re so fat”? No. Just as you should not walk up to an underweight girl and say “you’re so skinny, do you ever eat?”. I’m sorry I do eat, a lot. Don’t assume I won’t want a second piece of cake after dinner, and don’t assume I do not workout. Also, don’t grab my wrist and mention how skinny it is compared to your normal sized hands or pick me up just to say “wow you’re so light I could carry you around for days and not be tired.” I have a fast metabolism, it’s not something you need to concern yourself with. Commenting on my weight is rude. Don’t be rude.

Also, I have a right to complain sometimes. Don’t think that my life is perfect because I wear a size 3.  There are more important things in life than to concern yourself with how much others weigh. ….end rant.

15 Thoughts You Have After Seeing Gone Girl

19 Oct

Picture this. You’re sitting in the movie theater with the credits rolling after 2 hours and 30 minutes. You just watched Gone Girl and you have not read the novel. You are a little confused, a little creeped out, and very stunned. There are a million thoughts going through your head. So many in fact, you cannot even finish one thought before another pops in! Here are 15 thoughts you have after seeing Gone Girl.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 11.22.39 AM

**Warning: The Below Content May Include Spoilers**

1. Does my boyfriend want to kill me?

2. Do I want to kill my boyfriend?

3. That b*tch is crazy!

4 How can he handle all of this?

5. What. Just. Happened

6. She transformed herself very quickly; she can’t really be that bad looking.

7. Of course, Tyler Perry to the rescue.

8. Wow, Ben Affleck is a really big guy!

9. Is this a drama or a horror film?

10. This detective is so stupid.

11. Those 3 minutes his Dad was on screen were hilarious.

12. How does no one recognize him in the airport?

13. How could she kill Neil Patrick Harris?

14. Wouldn’t Greta realize it was Amy?

15. I would not sleep in that house with her!

15 Signs You’re Too Old For College Parties

14 Oct

I made a trip back to my Alma Mater for Homecoming Weekend and I was confused as to how to act. I was excited to see my friends and campus. However, I felt a little out of place. I graduated last December and I already felt like I was too old. Here are signs you are too old for college parties:

1. Everyone else looks like they are 14 years old.


2. When the beer bong comes your way you pretend you have to go to the bathroom.

3. To “get ready” you put on jeans, a tee, and deodorant.

Jonah Hill;Channing Tatum

4. You need to take a nap before you leave the house.

5. While playing beer pong you don’t hit every shot back to back like you could in college, you take 4 turns to make one.

6. You don’t buy the cheapest beer at the local gas station.

7. Watching students twerk on bar tops and tables makes you wonder what other bad decisions they will make that night, not the wanting to join.

8. That feeling of death in the morning.

9. Everyone wants to be your friend because you have “a real person job” not because you are a great beer pong partner.

10. Waiting in line to get into the “hottest bar” is not appealing, at all.


11. You lose your voice in the first 2 hours.

12. Everyone is giving you a hug, even the people you don’t know. And it’s awkward.

13. You don’t want to go to the sticky and dark bathroom so you hold it for hours.

14. The “fear of missing out” does not play as big of an role anymore.

15. It is apparently “fancy” to drink wine, even if it’s out of a solo cup.

solo cup

6 Reasons Nick Jonas Will Be Your Next Obsession

5 Oct

Where has he been hiding? Nick Jonas has made himself known once again, only this time he has left his brothers at home. Going solo may have been the best decision Nick Jonas has ever made. That and heading to the gym every day. He has grown up quite a bit since his Disney days, and by quite a bit I mean he is without a doubt a man! He has become my latest obsession, and I think America is not going to have a problem jumping on this bandwagon with me. Here are 6 reasons to help you realize that Nick Jonas will be your next obsession:

1. These pictures.
He decided to show off his goods in a Flaunt photoshoot grabbing his crotch and channeling his inner Marky Mark in those Calvin Klein shots back in ’92!


2. This song/music video.
His new single Jealous is perfect in every way. So catchy and everyone can relate. Check out the video here!
Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.39.51 AM

3. His girlfriend is perfect.
Olivia Culpo, aka Miss USA and Miss Universe 2012, could not be any more perfect, and the two of them together is no strain to the eye.


4. What he was and what he stood for.
He and his brother took the world by storm with their boy band The Jonas Brothers which helped them with their first television gig “JONAS” which didn’t last too long. However, his family love and adorable charm still stuck.


5. What he’s doing.
He has taken a role in the DirectTV series Kingdom where he plays Nate Kulina, an up-and-coming Mixed Martial Arts fighter.


6. What he’s saying.
Nick has stated that he will “never say never” to full-frontal nudity when asked about his role in Kingdom. He stated “I did just about everything in the show but frontal,” but there is always the future I suppose.


23 Reasons You Should Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix

1 Oct

Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix, and the world as we know it has changed forever. Gilmore Girls is smart, emotional, witty, dramatic, and really everything you ever want in a television show. If you have not seen this show, you are missing out and need to add it to your Netflix list ASAP. Here’s why:

1. The first season looks like it was filmed 100 years ago.


2. Jared Padalecki did not always look that sexy.


3. Melissa McCarthy has always been funny.


4. Every single line is quotable.


5. It evolves around a weird yet amazing mother daughter relationship that we all want.


6. Chad Michael Murray has a role.


7. You will realize that Lauren Graham is your hero.

Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel Lauren Graham DVD

8. There are pagers and flip phones.


9. Sean Gunn had several random roles before landing Kirk.


10. There are several instances when the script includes the words “Gilmore girls.”


11. Small towns are cool.


12. Now every girl wants a thousand yellow daisies at their wedding proposal.


13. Milo Ventimiglia has always been sexy.


14. It’s hilarious to prepare deviled eggs to throw at someone’s car.


15. The college dorms at Yale are very unrealistic, or I should have gone to Yale.


16. Paris goes from your least favorite characters to one of your favorite in the college years.


17. Luke can see her face.


18. Logan Huntzberger. That’s all that needs to be said.


19. That one episode when Rory isn’t perfect and you like her a little more.


20. What June 3rd really means.


21. When Lane gets huge…because she’s pregnant with twins.


22. You will learn so many perfect comebacks.


23. You will cry when watching the last episode.

Bon Voyage

Check out Gilmore Girls on Netflix now!

Hilary Duff’s All About You

28 Sep

Hilary Duff is back with a new single “All About You” and it is awesome for several reasons.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 5.04.18 PM

1. The song is as catchy as the How I Met Your Mother theme song.

2. She looks amazing.

3. The obvious Amazon Fire Phone endorsement.

4. She’s rockin’ those dance moves.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 5.08.05 PM

5. It has an adorable concept.

6. She has an old school classic car.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 5.09.27 PM

7. She still has that girl next door feel.

8. It’s classy, not trashy.

9. I still want to be her!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 5.10.17 PM

Check out the full video here!

Average Life Goals

25 Sep

With all of the pressure to be successful and make the “next big thing”, many have been drawn to the popular Twitter handle Average Life Goals. This handle has blown up in the past few weeks, with good reason. The tweets are hilarious! They are strangely accurate and very relatable. Here are some of the best tweets:

1. A view out your apartment window.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.49.47 AM

2. Above ground pools.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.49.30 AM

3. Weekend dinner dates.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.49.14 AM

4. Grades in school.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.49.01 AM

5. Getting lucky.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.48.35 AM

6. A typical day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.48.03 AM

7. The small things that excite us.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.47.46 AM

8. Goals for the future.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.47.09 AM


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