What You Missed At The 2014 American Music Awards

26 Nov

Really, not that much. The show was nothing special. Some performances were good, some were confusing, some were expected. Here is a quick recap so you have something to talk about with your younger cousins or nieces/nephews this Thanksgiving!

Taylor Swift opened the show with her new song Blank Space. The performance was as theatrical as we expected.


Apparently the teleprompter went down and people handled it….well?



Iggy was…well, Iggy.


Selena Gomez cried over Justin Bieber with an interesting interactive screen.


Taylor Swift showed her love for her girls and their emotions.


Fergie shows she is coming back into the business with an awkward performance including a wardrobe malfunction.


Jessie J had an amazing performance per usual, and Khole Kardashian slapped her butt!


The show ended with a JLo and Iggy performance which really just made us realize that the “JLo Butt” that was famous 10 years ago for being big, is actually just normal sized today.


What To Do So You Aren’t Lazy This Weekend

25 Nov


Winter is upon us and we all like to stay cozy with some hot cocoa and cuddled in a blanket. But really, we just need to buck up and make some plans. You can stay home when you’re old and frail, this is the time to be active and adventurous. So here are a few ways you can avoid winter laziness this weekend:

  • Go for a walk or run. Winter is a beautiful. Get out and enjoy it, just be sure to bundle up!
  • If the weather is bad, be productive on the couch. Do some online holiday shopping or new recipe hunting.
  • Get baking! Test out a new cookie recipe, or bake some goodies for a loved one!
  • Make a lunch date with an old friend to catch up.
  • Try a new restaurant in town, somewhere you’ve never been before!
  • Have a movie marathon with family or friends, be a movie critic.
  • Wake up early and make that big breakfast you never get during the week

Joe Boxer and Kmart

21 Nov

Last year, we all enjoyed the “Show Your Joe”  commercial during the holiday season. It was funny and the men were no strain to the eye. If you don’t remember the ad, check it out below!

This year, Kmart and Joe Boxer have done it again! However, this year’s commercial is taking a bit of a different spin on #ShowYourJoe. Not only has it become more social with the hashtag, but the cast seems to have changed just a bit. Still funny and entertaining, but definitely seems to be directed towards a different audience. See for yourself!

People’s 2014 Sexiest Men Alive

19 Nov

It’s that time again! People Magazine has come out with the sexiest men of this year. As always, we are not disappointed. The list is full of some of the usuals as well as some newcomers. The official Sexiest Men issue will be released November 21, but here is a little peek!

Last year’s Sexiest Man Alive was the one and only Adam Levine.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.53.45 AM

This year’s sexiest man is…

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.52.14 AM

Chris Hemsworth!

This Aussie Thor star has been high on all our our lists since he made his American debut. No one is upset about this decision!

Another famous Chris who made the list is everyone’s latest obsession, Chris Pratt!

chris pratt

This Park and Recreation’s star has become a household name with this summer’s hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy. We loved him as an adorable clueless costar, but went head over heels for him as a masculine comic lead!

Of course the Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan makes the list as well. This British model is already taking over Hollywood, and the film doesn’t premier for a few more months!


One of our favorite country stars also made the list, Blake Shelton! Always making jokes with this Voice costar and last year’s number one Adam Levine, Shelton is never too far behind.


Another man familiar with this list is Bradley Cooper.  Always making the list, we just cannot get enough of this humble and humorous actor.


Let us not forget the ex-football hall of famer who has become a well-known face of morning television. With his gig on Live With Kelly & Michael and Good Morning America, Michael Strahan is also taking to the big screen with a role in the anticipated Magic Mike XXL with another one of our favorites, Channing Tatum.


Another man who made the list with no surprise whatsoever is Scandal star Scott Foley. With the winter finale upon us this week, we are going to need this article as part of our weekly fix of powerful and sneaky men. Also being known for his pictures with adorable puppies, Foley has never and will never let us down!


How To Stay Happy At Work

17 Nov

i love my job

Some people have jobs they don’t like. Jobs they want to get out of. Some just get into a slump at work. It can be hard to stay motivated and even happy when your work is piling up or when you really don’t like what you are doing. You may be stressed out for a number of different reasons, but here are a few ways to remain happier at work.

1. Make a friend. This person doesn’t need to be your new best friend, but you need someone at work you can vent to. You may discover you have a lot in common, and before you know it, you have a work friend. The day seems to go by quicker and be less stressful if you enjoy the presence of your coworkers.

2. Keep your personal life personal. Don’t bring family or friend problems to work. Leave them at home and deal with them after work. These problems will just cause distractions and stress when you are working.

3. Don’t forget to take a break. It is important to take your lunch away from your desk. This will help you breath nicely away from your computer or any questions from your coworkers. Take at least 20 minutes for yourself.

4. Stay organized and motivated. Create a to-do list every morning and set goals for yourself. Write down what you need to do and what you want to accomplish.

5. Reward yourself. If you finish everything on your list and reach your goals, make sure you give yourself something you deserve. Maybe it’s an extra piece of dessert or a shopping date.

6. Have a hobby. Have something waiting for you when you get home that you will enjoy. Take up knitting or pick up a good book to read. Coming home to something relaxing to do will help to keep your mind off work for the night.


7. Avoid negativity. Keep away from coworkers who gossip and who are obviously unhappy. It will only rub off on you, and you don’t need that in the workplace.

8. Speak up. If you are unhappy, talk to a supervisor. Maybe it is a problem that can be fixed. It can only get worse the longer you hold it in, never better.

9. Ask for help and feedback. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This will show that you want to improve and it will help you to improve. Asking for help is not showing a weakness, but rather a strength. Asking for feedback will also help you to improve. You may be able to do something better that you haven’t noticed but your manager has.

Exploring TSwift’s Blank Space Video

12 Nov

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video debuted recently and we all confirmed our thoughts of how perfectly she plays a crazy girlfriend. It really just confirmed the fact that all of her ex boyfriends were not the problem, it was actually Taylor who is the problem. The video is being compared to Carrie Underwoods Before He Cheats video. However, Carrie did not take the craziness to as extreme as Taylor, but rather a sexy powerful craziness.

Here is a play by play of Taylor’s new video. Entertaining, crazy, scary, yet a very attractive costar.

It begins with an attractive man pulling up to a beautiful mansion in a killer car. Then we see Taylor inside on a bed that looks more comfortable than a pile of kittens and in a fabulous nightgown.

The two of them enjoy their lives in their mansion and Taylor hints at her craziness and all the rumors that spread about her.

As they walk through the yard with their dogs and then casually ride some horses Taylor lets us know that she has a long list of ex-lovers who all can confirm her craziness, but for some reason this guy is willing to take the risk.

She then starts to turn crazy jealous as apparently she tends to do after a month of dating because “she’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream”.

Taylor starts to yell and throw things and the man is realizing he needs to escape. With her smeared makeup she ruins his wardrobe, smashes his car, drops his phone in the fountain, and the list goes on and on.

This video really just confirms that she goes through men just as fast if not faster than we all assumed and that she really is that insane. All I want to know at the end of the video is who that man is. So this is what I found:

Twenty-five year old model Sean O-Pry reportedly made a killer $1.5 million dollars just last year, and we can easily see why. His role in this video was not even a question, TSwift knew what she wanted and she got it! It’s almost unbelievable how perfectly chiseled his jaw is or how beautiful his eyes are. He is disturbingly good looking. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at Seanopry55 for more photos and updates!

10 Ridiculous Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians That’ll Make You Laugh

6 Nov

1. That one time when Kim thought having a baby would be easy.

pregnant kim

2. When Khloe called her mother Satan and no one questioned it.

kris on the phone

3. Kim being herself


4. When Kourtney and Scott danced like this and your love for them grows even more


5. Khloe’s response to Kim’s Vogue cover.


6. When Kourtney put on makeup and had the easiest labor in the history of all labors.


7. Kim’s crying face that will make you laugh for days, weeks.


8. When Rob says what we are all thinking.


9. Bruce wanting to escape his family more than the rest of America


10. True love.



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