That Grown Up Thing

14 Apr

Wow have I been busy. I promise I will try to write more frequently, and yes I know I have said this before but my life just took a big change and I hope to come across more exciting experiences. Why you may ask? Well, I have officially been offered and accepted a job! That’s right, a real career. I am now doing that grown up thing where you go to work five days a week and earn a salary and talk about things like 401k’s and driving in rush hour and what you did on your lunch break. Ok…I’m not turning 50, but I am a working woman!

So, it looks like I will officially be moving out of this wonderful college town and heading back to the city life. Now that I have a job I can start thinking about important things besides what my weekend plans will be and when that english paper is due. First on my list, a car.

That’s right, I am looking to buy a new car. I’m past the research stage and now into the test driving stage. I am very excited to have a car that is my very own and that I can customize to my own wants and needs and pay for with my hard earned cash. Well, I’m not exactly looking forward to paying for it, but you know what I mean! I will keep you updated on this for sure once a deal has been made!

Next, an apartment. Thankfully my family lives close to where my job is so I don’t need to rush into finding a place, but I am still on the hunt as I plan and hope to move in a few months!

These are the exciting things I meant to include earlier, though I am excited to talk about “life in the office” and “man that rush hour traffic was horrible today.”


Are Doritos Really That Sexy?

18 Mar

Let me begin by saying I love BuzzFeed. I think they are hilarious and creative more so than anyone else. Their articles are relevant to current events and pop culture as well as giving you a humorous look into society. 

Last week there was one article in particular that caught my eye. As we all know, here in America we like to over sexualize pretty much anything and everything. For some reason or another, it’s just what we do. This is specifically true when it comes to advertising. Though there are few sightings when men are sexualized like Calvin Klein, it is much more common in women. BuzzFeed has the perfect “what if” scenario. It is almost too great to even explain with words so I’ll let you check out the article for yourself if you haven’t already seen it. Enjoy!

Clearly these ads are not making the same statement they are looking to make with the men rather than the women. BuzzFeed made this serious issue into a humorous situation, which I think is genius. They are getting their point across that yes, this is in fact ridiculous that women are being sexualized in advertisements for things such as fast food or chips, but hey instead of lecturing you about it I am going to show you by putting men in the place of the women. It’s great!

So, sorry Doritos but you are not and will never be sexy. Delicious? Absolutely. But sexy, not so much. 

#TwitterFiction Festival 2014

14 Mar

So there is currently something happening called Twitter Fiction Festival. It began in 2012 as a five day, completely virtual writing celebration. It, of course, took place on Twitter. Participants, whether authors or not, posted their stories with 140 characters at a time. Participants came from all around the world and were selected officially by a panal of judges. All in real-time, participants told their stories, some using multiple handles.

Writers are back at it again as this years competition began March 12 and will continue on until Sunday, March 16. To make this years’ festival happen, the Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House came together. Anyone is welcome to be a part of this phenomenon by just tweeting their stories using the hashtag #TwitterFiction. 

I first learned about this event a couple of days ago, and honestly I’ve fallen in love with it. I think it’s a great idea and a great use of our resources to bring people together and to share others’ talents. I have been following along to what some people have been writing online and am honestly glad I heard about this when I did. For more information, check out the official website at or follow them on Twitter @twfictionfest and by using the #TwitterFiction hashtag.

Tweet On!

And the Oscar Goes To…

3 Mar

If you missed the Academy Awards last night, you missed a good one! First off this is one year where I actually saw the majority of the films so many of the jokes made sense and I knew the actors. Also, Ellen Degeneres hosted for a second time and nailed it for a second time. Here are my favorite moments:

1. It began with the Red Carpet. Though Jennifer Lawrence, even before making it to the Red Carpet already took a tumble. Of course she laughed it off, and we love her even more than we already did. Here is a video courtesy of E! News!

2. Then the show began and Ellen had an amazing opening monologue. She joked about the LA weather, J-Law Oscar fallings, and the lack of education between the actors/actresses. If you missed it you can catch up here:

3. Pharrell performed his nominated song “Happy” and brought back his famous hat.








4. Frozen won Best Original Song for the popular “Let It Go” and the acceptance speech was wonderful. And we all are hoping that the mention of Frozen 2 is true!

5. Then Ellen took the most epic selfie of all time and broke Twitter!







The tweet was the most retweeted in Twitter history, and turned out better than anyone expected.


6. Ellen ordered pizza and the stars went crazy for a slice. Also, the delivery man got an amazing tip!

She collects money for the pizza as well, and it’s hilarious!

7. Then Leonardo DiCaprio once again failed to win an Oscar as Matthew McConaughey won instead stating his famous quote “Alright, alright, alright!” Maybe next year Leo!

Feelin’ 22

2 Mar

As some of you may know, my birthday was this past week and as Taylor Swift would say “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!” Your 22nd birthday is pretty anticlimactic. 21 is exciting because well it’s 21, 20 is exciting because you are no longer in the teens, but 22 is nothing special. When you are 22 nothing changes. The next big one for me I guess will be 25! Thinking about that….I’m happy to have just turned 22.

My birthday this year, though it was not a big exciting one, was amazing! I love having the reminder every year of all of the amazing family and friends I have. I am so blessed and so lucky to have as many wonderful people in my life as I do. My friends are always there for me during the fun crazy times and the not so good times. My family, though crazy and sometimes rather annoying, are caring and supportive with everything that I do. My boyfriend is one of the nerdiest, weirdest, and compassionate people I am lucky to know! I honestly don’t know what my life would be without all of these people. I know I am getting a little sappy here, but I am so appreciative for all they have done for me and of all the amazing memories we have shared together!

I am very thankful for all of the gifts and memories that this birthday has brought me. I realize how well my friends and family know me by how customized my gifts were this year. So to all of you reading this, thank you for making my birthday as amazing as it was this year! I’m truly blessed!

Snow Covered Love

17 Feb

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you all! This was my third Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and each one just gets better and better. This year I think I ate 15  chocolate covered strawberries, but I have no shame because they were absolutely delicious. Surprisingly though, that wasn’t event the best part. As we were walking down the street snow started to fall from the sky and stick to the trees and brick buildings. It was beautiful. If you don’t already know, I LOVE the snow! My boyfriend of course knows this and so we went for a walk and it was perfect. It was cold and my heels were not the best choice for the icy brick sidewalks, but my man was there to catch me before I fell!

I’m not sure why but snow makes everything better. If I’m having a bad day and it snows, I immediately take that as a sign and my day becomes better. Of course where I live I walk everywhere so the driving situation is actually not an issue for me. My love of snow may not be as intense if I did have to drive, but as for now it can do no wrong. 


Also, just a quick rant, how awesome is the movie Frozen? If you haven’t seen it, go right now. Really, go ahead…I’ll wait. 

The snow and ice in that movie make me so happy. I wish I could have that power to have snow at my fingertips. Of course, I would probably make some sort of big mistake like freeze an entire town…but I’m sure my sister would come to the rescue! 

Here is a Youtube clip of my favorite song from Disney’s Frozen, enjoy!

Let The Games Begin

13 Feb

It’s that time again! As we are now a couple days into the 2014 Olympics I have remembered why I love them so much. I am not typically a fan of figure skating, luge, or snowboarding. However, for some reason I am OBSESSED when it comes to the Olympics!

The sport I am most mesmerized by is curling. I’m not sure why I find it so fascinating but I cannot look away. It doesn’t even need to be the USA playing, I could watch anyone play. I don’t understand all the rules entirely but I pretend like I do. Also some countries have some pretty awesome outfits!

The Olympics are full of amazing athletes who work their entire lives for that one race, or one performance. It is crazy to think about the things they are able to do and how hard they train for years and years. I know I can never be an Olympian, I have accepted that by now, but I would like to go watch them live at some point I’m my life. Seeing all the action on the television and how excited I get from that would be multiplied by 100 if I was watching in person!



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